Exhibition Booths

Confirmed Exhibitors

MOC 2019 is pleased to welcome the following Exhibitors to Banff.

Booth # 1: SEMA GmbH


SEMA provides software solutions and additional services in the fields of timber construction and stair design, as well as for the sheet metal work. As the world-leader in these sectors, the SEMA program is available in 11 languages and has been used successfully by more than 9,000 customers in 55 countries for 35 years. Each year, an average of 15 % of the company’s turnover is re-invested into the further development of the software solutions so that SEMA customers can always benefit from new and innovative solutions.

Booth # 2: Canadian Precast Prestressed Concrete Institute (CPCI)


CPCI (manufacturing) members number 46, with 57 plants throughout Canada with over 350,000sq. m of plant space available for producing the precast concrete you require for your project. The inherent benefits of precast prestressed concrete make it the best choice for many projects. Structural strength provides long clear spans. Fast production, delivery and erection saves time and money. The creative dimensions of shape, texture, colour and pattern produce attractive buildings. Durability means unsurpassed low maintenance and life-time cost effectiveness.

Booth # 3: University of Northern British Columbia (UNBC)


Located in the spectacular landscape of northern British Columbia, UNBC is one of Canada’s best small universities. UNBC provides outstanding undergraduate and graduate learning opportunities that explore cultures, health, economies, sciences, and the environment. As one of BC’s research-intensive universities, we bring the excitement of new knowledge to our students, and the outcomes of our teaching and research to the world. In addition to fostering and celebrating academic excellence, UNBC is a welcoming place, with a learning environment that is friendly, inclusive, and supportive.

Booth # 4: MPE Engineering Ltd.


MPE Engineering Ltd. is an employee-owned, professional engineering consulting firm with offices located in Alberta and Saskatchewan. Established in 1983 with a primary focus on water resources, we have gained considerable experience and broadened our expertise to offer a wide range of engineering services.

Booth # 5: Brave Control Solutions


Brave Control Solutions is a systems integration company based out of Windsor-Detroit. Since 2008 Brave has been designing and integrating technical solutions and solving the challenges North America’s largest manufacturers.

Booth # 6: NSERC Industrial Research Chair VR lab (UofA)

Booth # 7: Wood WORKS!


Wood WORKS! (known as cecobois in Quebec) is a Canadian Wood Council program, which is industry led and is intended to help increase the use of wood in non-residential, mid-rise and tall building markets in Canada. The initiative seeks to build proficiency in using wood through training, networking and direct technical support.

Booth #8: MGO Systems


MGO develops and manufactures technologically-advanced building solutions for commercial, residential, education, hospitality, and healthcare applications.Compared to routine methods, our proprietary engineered wall systems provide superior fire rating, water resistance, insulation value, and acoustic performance — all with a pre-fabricated solution that is efficient, cost-effective, healthy, and sustainable.

Booth #9: Government of Alberta