Conference Topics

MOC 2019 conference is dedicated towards promoting offsite and industrialized constructions application, and we welcome your original research papers relevant to off-site and industrialized construction.

The papers could address one of more of the following topics:

Industry 4.0 for Construction

  • Modular and reconfigurable systems
  • Electronic collection and analysis of data for construction
  • Digitally controlled construction sites through IoT technologies
  • Knowledge-based intelligent decision and information flow systems
  • Effective data generation and analysis
  • Digital twins in construction
  • Cross-enterprise information management systems
  • Use of new technologies to create autonomous, self-organizing systems
  • Intelligent automated systems for repetitive and/or dangerous processes
  • Human–robot collaboration
  • Fabrication/prefabrication, machining, and additive manufacturing

Production Planning and Analysis in Offsite Construction

  • Simulation applications for production optimization and forecast
  • Data visualization
  • Lean concepts and applications
  • Production tracking technologies

Design for Sustainability in Offsite Construction

  • Energy modelling and monitoring
  • Design for offsite construction
  • Economics of offsite construction
  • Offsite construction for urbanization
  • Social implications of industrialized construction
  • Environmental implications of offsite construction

BIM Applications in Offsite Construction

  • Information visualization
  • Project control
  • Automated drafting and design
  • VR/AR technologies

Mass Timber Panels

  • Use of timber in modular construction and prefabrication
  • Mass timber and fire
  • Top-ups with timber – new spaces on existing structures
  • Timber–concrete composite floors – why, when, and how
  • Lateral load-resisting systems for balloon construction
  • Built environment – acoustics and vibrations
  • Innovative fastening systems for timber construction

Case Studies and Lessons Learned in Offsite Construction