Conference Topics

The papers could address one or more of the following topics:

Industry 4.0 for Construction

Chair: Dr. Rafiq Ahmad

  • Modular and reconfigurable systems
  • Electronic collection and analysis of data for construction
  • Digitally controlled construction sites through IoT technologies
  • Knowledge-based intelligent decision and information flow systems
  • Effective data generation and analysis
  • Digital twins in construction
  • Cross-enterprise information management systems
  • Use of new technologies to create autonomous, self-organizing systems
  • Intelligent automated systems for repetitive and/or dangerous processes
  • Human–robot collaboration

Production Planning and Analysis in Offsite Construction

  • Simulation applications for production optimization and forecast
  • Data visualization
  • Lean concepts and applications
  • Production tracking technologies

Design for Sustainability in Offsite Construction

  • Energy modelling and monitoring
  • Design for offsite construction
  • Economics of offsite construction
  • Offsite construction for urbanization
  • Social implications of industrialized construction
  • Environmental implications of offsite construction

BIM Applications in Offsite Construction

  • Information visualization
  • Project control
  • Automated drafting and design
  • VR/AR technologies

Mass Timber Buildings

Chair: Dr. Ying Hei Chui

  • Use of timber in modular construction and prefabrication
  • Mass timber and fire
  • Top-ups with timber – new spaces on existing structures
  • Timber–concrete composite floors – why, when, and how
  • Lateral load-resisting systems for balloon construction
  • Built environment – acoustics and vibrations
  • Innovative fastening systems for timber construction

Masonry Systems

  • Rehabilitation, repair and retrofit of historical structures
  • Prefabricated systems and offsite construction
  • New technologies and materials
  • Integration with other systems: precast concrete, timber, concrete, steel
  • Robotics, automation, and ergonomics

Additive Manufacturing and 3D Printing in Construction Industry (AMCON)

Chair: Dr. Ahmed Qureshi

  • AM system innovation for the construction industry
  • AM software tools and methods for the construction industry
  • AM materials development for the construction industry
  • Design for additive manufacturing for the construction industry: methods, tools, and methodologies
  • AM process optimization and control for the construction industry
  • AM business models and engineering for the construction industry
  • Life-cycle and sustainability of AM in the construction industry

Case Studies and Lessons Learned in Offsite Construction

This list of topics is not meant to be exhaustive and we would certainly welcome papers in topics related to those above, but not explicitly stated. Please note that during online submission, authors will be asked to choose one of a smaller set of pre-established track areas. We ask the authors to make this assignment as best as possible.